Management Services

The professional management of your property is our priority.

For your absolute peace of mind, we have provided you with a schedule of Management Services which will commence after the successful letting of your property or upon transfer of management.

  • Prepare a tenant file which will include a fully executed copy of all documentation including, the Lease Agreement, Condition Report/Inventory List, Bond Lodgement form, tenant and landlord information.
  • Commence monitoring rental payments and disburse funds
  • If requested make payments on your behalf i.e. body corporate fees, rates etc.
  • Provide regular statements of transactions that occur and an annual financial statement of transactions regarding your property
  • Arrange appropriate quote and maintenance when requested
  • Manage and monitor the status of repairs and maintenance
  • Conduct regular routine inspections to ensure the property is being maintained to a satisfactory standard
  • Conduct regular rental reviews in accordance with current market
  • Complete appropriate Notices as required under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997
  • Monitor lease expiries and re-negotiate lease terms in accordance with your instructions
  • Maintain accurate records of events relating to your property, whilst keeping you informed of any events that may arise
  • Where required, attend tribunal hearings on your behalf
  • Conduct a final inspection of the property upon your tenant vacating the property
  • Finalise the Bond Claim in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997
  • Continue to keep you updated on property and tenancy related matters